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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Carlsbad! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Carlsbad, CA. Having a reliable company to deal with your animal issue, whether it is a rodent infestation or an emergency call-out for a snake in your yard, is very important. We are your reliable local animal control company, and our online reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers should really give you peace of mind that you are dealing with an honest and trustworthy family run company. Our telephone agents are happy to take your call 24/7, and can offer really useful steps you can take yourself, and also talk you through what our technicians can do and the steps they might take. We pride ourselves on taking your situation seriously, and always aim to have a technician on-site within 24 hours where possible, or at a specified time in line with your schedule. Dealing with animals in the attic is one of the most common situations we deal with, and among the most common species causing this problem can be squirrels, rats and raccoons. Our technicians know the different approaches to take with each species, and will provide an efficient and humane solution. They can also provide professional-grade repairs and clean any soiled materials or droppings the animals may have left behind them. Call us now at 442-232-2800 for your Carlsbad wildlife control needs.

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Carlsbad Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: A Quick Overview of the California Glue Traps Designed for Rats and All Their Pros and Cons

In the pursuit to completely annihilate the Carlsbad rat infestation in our house, we will try different methods available. One of the solutions that most homeowners have heard about would be the sticky traps. They are affordable and accessible which makes them a popular solution. While it may seem an easy method to use for rat infestation, glue traps are actually one of the cruelest and most inhumane control methods that you can use.

Why Glue Traps Are Considered Inhumane

The glue boards can be used to eliminate California rat but they will not end your infestation problem. The solution should still be focused on the removal of the root cause of the problem. In this article, we will highlight some of the reasons that will convince you that glue traps will never be an ideal solution.


Observe the claim of the Carlsbad manufacturer of the sticky traps; you will notice how they will not say that their glue traps will deliver a quick death to the rat. Based on their instructions, you simply have to fold the glue traps and then throw it in the garbage bin. This means that the live rat will still be stuck in the glue trap. It will take at least 5 days of suffering before the animal succumbed to death. While the rats are trapped in the sticky trap they will produce a loud cry due to the pain that they are feeling. There are instances when they will bite through their limbs to attempt to free themselves. Even on the off chance that the animal has been rescued, they have a low survival rate due to the injuries and stress that they’ve experienced.


You will be shocked to know that there are common dangers that are not specified on the packaging of the glue traps. This is despite the fact that the manufacturers are saying that the glue boards are completely safe. For instance, since the trapped rat cannot be easily euthanized, homeowners will try to deliver a quick death by dealing a blunt force using sticks. Since the rat is still alive, the chance that the rat may retaliate and launch an attack against you is relatively high. 

The glue traps also present dangers to your California pets and animals that you can unintentionally target. In case you are only using a small sticky trap, the large animal such as your dogs will only suffer from a ruined fur or damaged skin. The smaller creatures such as bird will not be able to escape the dangers of the glue boards. Usually, the cats that are stuck in the glue board will require the assistance of the veterinary. Surgery may be performed in order to free them from the glue trap.

We do not recommend the untrained person to remove the Carlsbad animal from the glue trap. There is a high chance that you might injure the animal when trying to free them from the sticky trap. Ask the help of the experts if you find an animal that was caught on the trap.